Claudia Dallas Gomez


Modern Quilt Artist

Claudia Dallas Gomez  made the leap into modern quilting after a 25 year career in commercial interior design. She took her visualization skills in graphic design & color and applied it to fabric. Claudia uses architectural software to design her quilts, and then she dyes her own custom color palettes. When it comes to quilting, she organizes space with bold shapes & rhythmic echo quilting. Claudia says “If you can’t see the quilting from across the room, then the work is not bold enough to draw the viewer in.”  When she’s not dyeing fabric & designing quilts, Claudia spends time at the barn with her Tennessee Walking Horse, Lady Bug. You can follow her adventures on facebook and instagram. #devotedtocolor


COLORstory Lecture

Everyone has a story to tell...

COLORstory explores color theory, color influence, and seven types of color contrast.   We all see and react to color differently. COLORstory invites you to delve into your own sense of color and find ways to communicate what you see. Claudia will share her own journey in the art of seeing color.  She hopes to ignite a passion for color experimentation and help you fine tune your eye for color.


The Elements Lecture

What makes a good composition?

The Elements takes a look at how the arrangement of visual elements work in composition. Claudia will share her process so that you can see the evolution of a design from start to finish. The Elements covers principles of composition that will give you the tools to turn an ordinary composition into something extraordinary!


Dye Painting


 There is nothing more relaxing then spending the day in this Dye Painting Workshop. Learn how to mix dye in a thickened medium so that it will not bleed when you apply it to fabric. The inspiration comes from the art of Hawaiian quilting. My mother was a master Hawaiian quilter and did everything by hand. I wanted to create a new modern approach to this traditional art form but I do not like to appliqué. So here it is...Modern Hawaiian quilt making the no appliqué way! I will also share tips on how to design perfect rows of echo quilting. This class is designed for all levels of experience. Choose from 3 different patterns. 

Free Motion Quilting


Free Motion quilting is FUN! Don't be afraid to design your own unique quilting patterns. If you can doodle on paper, you can learn to doodle at your sewing machine.The process of learning is connected to muscle memory. So enjoy the day doodling and end up with an accent pillow designed and quilted by YOU!

The French Door


The French Door workshop is a hands-on exploration of color, improvisation and design techniques. We will view each others stash and discuss how each fabric influences the next. The blocks will be made from 6 different fabrics. The preliminary selections will often be tossed, exchanged, traded and donated to enhance each others personal color palette. We will do this as a group and then dive into the improvisational piecing.  Claudia will share her design techniques for creating a dynamic quilting pattern. All will leave with a completed block to start a quilt, table runner or placemat. 

Rush Hour


Bold geometric shapes  are lined up like drivers on the 405 freeway at…Rush Hour!  This class explores concepts in modern color theory. Learn to combine solid colors with a focus on several types of color contrast.  When the elements are arranged, see if you can find a hidden pattern. It will reveal itself you fine tune your eye for COLOR.

The Cushy Tushy


  The Cushy Tushy takes comfort to a whole new level! Learn the secrets of professional upholsterers and make your own modern box cushion. This is not your ordinary cushion. It comes with its own shoulder strap so you can tote it to the next class, meeting, or game. It's modern design that adds comfort and style for your sitting pleasure. And isn’t everything better when it’s quilted? 



 Looking for a project to showcase your favorite modern prints? Meet Voluptuous! The design inspiration is based on the wonderful diversity of the female form. Claudia will share her technique of curved piecing and then pressing those curves into submission. These fun and curvaceous forms will have you piecing like a pro. Conquer your fear of curves with these playful, positive/negative blocks.

Modern Wedding Ring


Modern Wedding Ring is a minimalist design that makes a bold statement. Explore different types of color contrast and learn how to use color to create the illusion of sparkle and movement. Claudia will discuss how she organizes negative space through the use of line. The large pattern pieces go together quickly to create the perfect wedding gift.

The Elements


   The Elements is the latest in a series of workshops exploring design principles. It is based on the elements of Uncommon Time. This workshop focuses on composition and line. Starting with a few basic shapes, we will explore different compositions to design a small wall hanging or table runner. Claudia will share her 2 step process of arranging the elements then designing the quilting lines to draw the viewer in and around the composition. Leave with a quilt top design and quilting pattern that is uniquely yours.